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  • Школе-интернату №16 на следующий учебный год (2009-2010) требуется учитель математики.
  • При приеме на работу рассматривается:
     — резюме, в котором указано:
    ВУЗ, год окончания, специальность, квалификационная категория (разряд), владение навыком использования ИКТ в урочном пространстве, творческая активность, коммуникативные способности.
     — после рассмотрения резюме — собеседование.
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ШИК-times. English corner

Говорят: учитель английского языка, Велигжанина Н.М., ученики ШИКа

Велигжанина Н.М.

According to our survey most students of our school enjoy learning English.

You are going to read extracts from their compositions about English.

“… English is very, very popular now. It’s the language of computers, business, sport and politics. It is spoken all over the world. We must learn English…”

Russkova L, 8th B

“… I think, that English is a very important subject and I can’t imagine my future without English. I like learning English very much. We’ve been learning English since the second grade. We learned simple words and it was pleasant to us. But every year our English is getting more and more difficult. Lust summer my family and me went to Turkey. English was very useful for me there. I’ve made friends with an English girl. We spoke only English and understood each other very well. My mum learned German. So I was her interpreter.”

Pugina O, 7th B

“… I remember one episode from my life. I wanted to buy some food, but I didn’t know hot to say ‘sausage’. I tried to show it with the help of gestures. They gave me a lot of food and I paid a lot of money, but they didn’t give me what I wanted…”

Chepurin V, 7th A

“Hi. I live in Russia and I don’t like English because it’s difficult for me. My mum says that English will be useful for me. It’s international nowadays. I speak English at our English classes and when I play online games, because all people in these games speak English…”

Mochalov A, 7th A

“I like learning English because it’s very interesting for me. It’s also very important for me. It’s also very important for my future career. In future I want to go to California, to San Francisco. If I know English very well, I’ll have a ‘cool’ job. Last year I was a bad student, but now I understand that English is the most important subject for me. When I went to Turkey, English classes helped me a lot. I spoke English and everybody understood me. It was great!”

Fomin K, 7th B

“… I think that English is a very important subject and students have to study it well. All main well-paid jobs are connected with speaking English with people from other countries.”

“… My first English teacher Irina Petrovna was very strict. All children were afraid of her. I was afraid of her too. All of us did our homework and all our group knew English very well. We are getting older and a bit lazier, sometimes we forget about our home tasks. You may guess that our English is not perfect now…”

“I remember one of the English lessons. We were doing some exercises about countries and continents. I thought about everything, but not about exercise. It was my turn to answer. I looked at the picture and said: “Rome is situated in Africa.” Everyone was laughing at me.”

10th grade

“… It’s very important to know English. In my life there were some situations in which without English I could die! Like in Canada this summer I had an awful situation. I came to the city in Canada at 2 o’clock in the morning. No people in the airport, just some strange tourists. Before my flight I chated with American man. He was about 23-25 and he said he was a businessman. I knew, that in Canada my host-family should pick up me. But when I found my luggage nobody was in a waiting room. Nobody! My Russian phone didn’t work and I had no idea what to do. Then I met that American man and he was so kind and gave me his phone to call.
When I called to my host-family I heard a strange voice and than that voice said: “I don’t know, I’m stripping! Take a taxi!” Then he put up the phone…
Can you imagine my face in that moment?!? “Awesome!” – I thought.
I took a taxi with that really nice man and he helped me with everything.
When everything had finished I understood that in a dangerous situation I spoke English as Russian. That’s great!”

Zharenova V, 10th grade

We are grateful to all students for permission to publish their compositions. We are looking forward to get any information about school life, news, your ideas and plans for winter holidays get in touch with Veronica from 11th grade.

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